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In the BIM modelling services, we convert the 2D floor plans, details, elevations, sections, interior elevations and finishes into a BIM model. We use Revit families for architectural objects like windows, walls, doors, cabinetry, furniture etc. The ‘’custom’’ families we create will 02 BIM MODELLINGmatch the unique building systems, furniture, and equipment of the clients. Our skilled professionals have sound knowledge of multiple disciplines like Structural BIM Services, Architectural BIM Services, and MEP BIM Services.

 We at Mahim develop a 3D Revit BIM model based on elevations, details, floor plans and sections provided by the clients. The clients can select the specific disciplines to be included in the model. It is also possible to expand the existing BIM model by adding additional data. For example, we can expand the existing Revit architectural background by including mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment. As the Revit BIM models can be rotated in a various direction, we can view the different perspectives of the building that will help identify and avoid the conflicts between different building systems. Mahim offers Revit BIM modelling services to General Contractors, manufacturers, designers, engineers, architects and other project stakeholders.