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Creating BIM families or content for BIM models is one of the crucial and prominent parts of BIM services. Revit is an efficient architectural design and documentation software of Autodesk Corp. and Revit family creation services focuses on creating basic parametric families like furniture and equipment. It enhances the graphics quality of the project models by modifying the different BIM families.

Advantages of Revit Family Creation

  • Revit family creation has other parameters such formula and imported data that will result in a better surface finish.
  • It helps to create more accurate models irrespective of size and design.
  • It enables feasible and economical re-sizing of models.
  • It maintains relationship and coordination in various units or parts of a design or model.
  • The model designed using Revit appears as realistic as possible and it involves an accurate constructional documentation.
  • Family creation services provide the 3D models that can be used for accurate building analysis and estimating purposes.

Services of Revit Family Creation05 REVIT FAMILY CREATION

  • Structure family creation
  • Architecture family creation
  • Structural Family Creation
  • MEP Family Creation
  • Building System Families
  • BIM Families
  • Structural Components
  • MEP Revit families
  • Fixtures, Custom Applications
  • Partitions, Windows, Walls, Doors
  • Related Custom and Supporting Content
  • Related custom and supporting doors