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Profile :

>Mahim create design as strategy in action focused on result. We help our clients envision a better future and get their successfully. We help them leverage design`s power to generate innovative solution that effect real transformation.

Mahim is a global center in providing fully integrated professional technical and management support services for a broad range of markets. Form transportation, energy and water systems, to enhancing environment and creating new buildings and communities, our vision is to make the world a better place.

We believe that successful architecture, through the active engagement of its civic context; foster the values of diversity meritocracy and participation that are fundamental to the Indian democratic experience.

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Much More Possibilities :

  • (design + thought leadership) x people = MAHIM
  • Clients come first in everything we do.
  • The changing nature of work leisure and lifestyle.

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Services :

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Successful buildings capture the spirit of their surroundings, even as they assert their own identity. They’re visually appealing, healthy, comfortable, flexible, secure and efficient, a pleasure to be in. And they pay their way, adding real value for their owners and users.

MAHIM architecture reflects our knowledge of how people and organizations use and experience the place and the space. We work collaboratively with clients, communities and end users to create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out. We deliver them across our global markets with a consistently high standard of service.

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As consultants, we help our clients make better decisions about how they support their people, position their businesses and manage their assets. We connect strategy with implementation and deliver successful, idea-driven solutions that are both realistic and actionable. Whatever the size of the organization, we provide the tools needed to enable future changes.

Our consultants address real estate and facilities, the workplace, information solutions and business strategy—with the objective of improving organizational performance. Our services include strategic planning, real estate and portfolio analysis, re-positioning/relocation analysis, change management and data management.[/toggle]

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MAHIM designs interior spaces for living and working. Interior performance can be measured in human and organizational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased patronage or sales. Hitting the mark means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use.[/toggle]

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MAHIM’s designers work globally on a broad range of projects, from new urban districts and developments to suburban and exurban campuses, centers and communities. Sustainability is an important focus—with equal concern for the socioeconomic health of the community and for its environmental quality.[/toggle]

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We are one of the leading firms in the field of Real Estate Valuation having our Head Office in Surat. We have 1 year of experience and worked for many esteemed banks & Housing Finance institutions (HFI). We are independently owned and are managed by a team of professionals committed to provide to independent, thoroughly supported one time and credible opinion to our Clients. This commitment to service is matched by our intense focus on delivering results.

However practice in the field of valuation has traditionally been a profession dependent on individual knowledge and skills. Lack of formal education, training and hands on experience in this subject has created a dearth of professionals to deal with efficiently. At the same time risks in Banking and Financial services industry (BFSI) have gone up substantially due to ongoing subprime crisis and effects of the same on entire BFSI. Thus evolved a concept where people with different sets of skills could being corporate into an effective system through organization which was realized in the form of Mahim Architect.[/toggle]